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P2Pah WoTLK: The primary difference is the dancing

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Emilylowes created the topic: P2Pah WoTLK: The primary difference is the dancing
They also have higher Team broad utility, with anti magic zone not being holy exclusive, without the Mortal Strike effect and with actual pet management and only being tangibly more difficult than frost WoTLK Gold . Next up we have the ret paladins. Much like protection, the majority of their challenges are dependent on utility, however unlike protection, they're squisier generally.

One of the most important changes to make when playing Paladin generally is getting the greatest value from revenge, which unlike later expansions can actually be squelched or even stolen from a spell and used in PvP.

Red also has a more involved role than protection because it is a repentant hammer on top of hammer of justice. Additionally, with the defensive dispell , ret Paladin is also able to take on additional responsibility and has to continuously monitor the effects of debuffs on their team. Finally we have arms warrior similar to ret Paladin Arms has a touch of nuance, making it more difficult than its counterpart for protection.

The primary difference is the dancing in stances in contrast to prot warriors, who can do most of their rotation and utility using the same stance. The arms must use all three stances regularly. When it comes to switching buy WoTLK Gold to D stands to intervene or disarming or switching into Berzerker for intercept or pummel.

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