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POE Currency Quarterly Promotion Continues at POECurrency.com

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2 years 1 month ago #279 by jamysen
jamysen created the topic: POE Currency Quarterly Promotion Continues at POECurrency.com
When gaming, most prefer to use a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard. If you're like me playing Path of Exile and want to use a gamepad, you'll be happy to know that patch 3.17.3 adds support for PC controllers. We need to plug our favorite controller into PC, and we can use the gamepad as soon as we set it up without restarting the Path of Exile client.

Some gamepads may require a third-party program to work, such as DS4Windows, if you're using a PS4 DualShock controller. Currently this feature is still in beta, so we may encounter some issues. GGG wants us to report any issues to the developers. For players like me who are more accustomed to using controllers, this update makes me have the urge to buy more POE Currency to participate in the game.

So I choose to buy POE Currency from the game service provider I often trade with. POECurrency always give me a good experience, especially the price and the speed of fulfilling the order. Their trading system is also 100% secure, and they regularly release some game news . I think Every Path of Exile player should trust POECurrency .

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